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Piano Lessons:  I teach all ages, 4-adult.  Lessons (45 minutes) are taught in my studio at St Stephen's Lutheran Church in Monona. 

  • K-12: I teach a modified approach to Suzuki.

  • Teenagers: I specialize in technique, and especially enjoy teaching teenagers to access virtuosity they may feel eludes them (small hands? pain? things 'don't work'?)

  • Adults:   I teach all levels of the classical repertoire, specializing in technique.  Injury prevention/recovery, comfort/coordination, and ease of expression.

Organ Lessons:  Both my undergraduate and graduate degrees were earned on the organ.  Organ lessons are available for teenagers and adults.  


Scholarships for organ study are available in Madison thanks to the Ruth Pilger Andrews Scholarship fund.  

I help my students make connections with churches near them, so they have an opportunity to practice.  Most churches with organs are delighted to share their instrument with students.

My Philosophy


My guiding pedagogical principle is to set up a compassionate and structured environment in which your children can learn, and therefore be successful and happy.  Learning a musical instrument is a long game, and it is such a privilege to be present for each student's journey.

Students will learn:

  • A coordinated technique

  • Musicianship

  • Music reading and notation

  • Tonal and rhythmic audiation

  • Improvisation, transposition to different keys

Music study can equip you or your child with a method of self-expression, an escape, a creative outlet, a marketable skill, a shareable skill.  Music study delivers perseverance and stamina, and a lifelong ability to create joy and beauty for self and others.

Note: I do not currently have openings. I maintain a waiting list. 

“I like how Sigrun breaks up the lesson with a variety of activities....which is especially helpful for younger kids.” 
 -Melissa C-G
“We feel lucky to have found Sigrun! Our daughter started lessons in grade school and has remained a student through her senior year of high school.”
- Julia N
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