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Piano Lessons:  I teach all ages, 5-adult. Lessons (45 minutes) are taught in my studio at 6007 Gateway Green, Monona.

I do not start younger than 5. I recommend group music classes for very young children, singing, dancing, listening!

  • Children and Teenagers: Children enjoy piano when they understand how to read, and when the playing itself feels good. I focus on these skills.

  • Adults:   I teach all levels of the classical repertoire, specializing in technique.  Injury prevention/recovery, comfort/coordination, and ease of expression.

Posture: Are you a musician? Do you hurt while you play? Did you have to stop playing because of pain? I offer classes in the Gokhale Method, to help people access the activities (music!) that give them happiness. 

Fridays 8:30-9:15am: Free 45 minute workshop. Learn what the Gokhale Method is about and if it is a fit for you. Limit 4 attendance/workshop. Alternate times available upon request.

 Registration for free workshop:


RSVP, Fridays 8:30am


Glidewalking practice: 


Join me at the dog park! Next walk: Wednesday, 12:00pm, Quann Dog Park. Work on walking. Watch dogs play. Text 608 579 0941 when you arrive.

Stanford Clinical Trial:

Video demonstrating some techniques:

Gokhale Method Retreat at Prana Del Mar (Los Cabos, California Baja Sur)

My Philosophy


My guiding pedagogical principle is to set up a compassionate and structured environment in which your children can learn, and therefore be successful and happy.  Learning a musical instrument is a long game, and it is such a privilege to be present for each student's journey.

Students will learn:

  • A coordinated technique

  • Musicianship

  • Music reading and notation

  • Improvisation, transposition to different keys

Music study can equip you or your child with a method of self-expression, an escape, a creative outlet, a marketable skill, a shareable skill.  Music study delivers perseverance and stamina, and a lifelong ability to create joy and beauty for self and others.

'If they could, they would':

To get an idea how I approach the emotional needs of children while they are learning, read Anat Baniel's Kids Beyond Limits. If I had 3 wishes, one would be for everyone to read this book.  

Note: I do not currently have openings. I maintain a waiting list. 

“I like how Sigrun breaks up the lesson with a variety of activities....which is especially helpful for younger kids.” 
 -Melissa C-G
“We feel lucky to have found Sigrun! Our daughter started lessons in grade school and has remained a student through her senior year of high school.”
- Julia N
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