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I have played piano from age 5, and the organ from age 12. I took private lessons at Beloit College through high school. I have bachelor degrees is electrical engineering and music from Case Western Reserve University, and a master's degree in organ performance from UW-Madison. I love the harpsichord, and mostly play and perform early music.

I have devoted my career to understanding how anyone can develop a healthy, virtuosic technique. I study the Taubman Approach with Mary Moran, an internationally recognized authority on children and piano technique. I implement a technique from the very first lesson that engages the children's intellect and musicianship.

I have also developed a method of teaching music reading to children with dyslexia, using imagery and visual aids to lock down the natural symmetry of the clefs. It has a proven, albeit small track record, and I am continually improving and evaluating.

After experiencing back pain so debilitating I couldn't sit and stand, I eventually found the Gokhale Method, a system of posture re-education that is step-by-step, clear, efficient, practical, and lasting. I offer classes now as a certified teacher-not only to enhance students' work at the piano, but to help anyone who has been struggling with pain that Won't Go Away.

The things I think could change the world? Positive reinforcement dog training, universal basic income, Kids Beyond Limits, wings to fly....

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