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The Gokhale Method® (GO-clay) is a posture reeducation program. If you are restricted from activities you enjoy, if your life is defined by pain, if you have tried other interventions with little success, either conventional or alternative, it's possible the Gokhale Method® can help you feel comfortable again. That's because relaxed and upright posture is only a good thing for discs, bones, nerves, and muscles, and almost everyone can make progress here. It's common sense. 

The course is 6 45-90 minute lessons, depending on the size of the class (1-8 people). You will learn to recline against a backrest of a chair, lie on your back or side for sleeping, sit, stand, bend, and walk in a way that begins to restore your natural architecture, improves your strength and flexibility, and decreases pain. You can take these skills into daily life, and as a filter for any other exercise or activity. You can implement everything with materials you already have at home. Practicing the Gokhale Method® requires zero extra minutes out of your day because you apply it to whatever you are already doing.

If you are interested but unsure, you can sign up for the next free workshop:

I have 1 spot in a Foundations Course starting 9/8, 12:00pm. It is the last chance to take the class for $450 before the price rises to $540 Oct 1. Check the above link to sign up!

At a free workshop, I present the Gokhale Method® rationale, and teach some basic techniques. There is also a selection of free workshops on the Gokhale Method® website, free YouTube videos, etc. Check the book out at library, or Amazon: 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back. Etc.

I became a teacher because when I took the course, It solved my back pain (I was no longer popping Advil all day long within a few months of the class), and allowed me to access activities I had been unable to do, not for lack of desperately trying (running). For twenty years, I couldn't run more than 2 minutes before searing IT band pain set in. Now I run every other day with my dogs on either side of me attached to a waist lead with no pain. A simple movement pleasure I simply thought I'd never have.  It also aligned with my teaching and learning philosophies. Gokhale Method® is step by step, gentle, thorough, and accessible to almost everyone- no matter your age, surgical history, or level of pain. It's education rather than therapy-it teaches you to fish, per the proverb. It empowers you to help yourself.

Comfortable sitting posture is very helpful for pianists, of course! Another reason I became a teacher was so I would have bodywork skills beyond the shoulder-arm-wrist-hand-finger.
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