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The 45 second video above describes this summer's Gokhale Method Cruise Retreat! Better posture, less pain. 

Join my colleague Dr. Vera Baziuk and I for a Gokhale Method retreat on a Celebrity cruise this July!

When: July 13-21, 8 nights Caribbean cruise
Where: Departs Fort Lauderdale, visits Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao
What: Full GM program: Initial Consultation, Foundations Course, Four  hour follow up classes (more glide walking, advanced stretch sitting, pelvic floor strengthening, stairs)​
How: email or, or call Sigrun (6085790941) or Vera (7809953146). Visit for the class page, and more general information!
Cost: $3600 covers veranda room, inclusive amenities (all drinks, wifi), taxes, and full GM program.

Discover the Gokhale Method: Remember when it didn't hurt!

Posture is often associated with feelings of rigidity, tension, and discomfort. But healthy posture is actually relaxed and upright. The Gokhale Method is an effective, practical way to inhabit your body,  to start reclaiming the ease of being and moving you had as a toddler. 

I had been trying to run for twenty years. IT (iliotibial) band pain would set in within minutes. So I would cycle through a) reading something about running form, b) trying it, c) failing, and d) getting depressed. I went to see a physical therapist who gave me a couch-5K program. I tried it, and something  else snapped; instead of just a sore IT band and depression, I couldn't stand up because of back pain. I couldn't bike to my piano students because of the pain, and I had to ask my husband to drive me around.

The Gokhale Method is suited for people who want to empower themselves. Investing in your posture doesn't take a lot of time or money (compare continuous outlays for symptom relief therapies vs. an initial outlay that addresses the root of the problem); it takes a curiosity about what good posture means, and a commitment to implement better posture practices in your life.

Why am I teaching? After a few months of back pain misery, I found the Gokhale Method and took the Foundations Course. I had done a Feldenkrais running program, which had been helpful but the effects hadn't lasted. After the Gokhale Method course, I did the Feldenkrais program again. This time, I had the basic structure necessary for healthy movement, and the running took off. I now run without pain, and even with the dogs. And of course, my daily activities are all free from pain.

 To sign up for a Free Workshop, an Initial Consultation, or a Foundations Course, visit here:
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