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"We feel lucky to have found Sigrun! Our daughter started lessons in grade school and has remained a student through her senior year of high school. Sigrun really knows how to connect with her students and to grow with them. In her younger years, I would attend lessons and listen in. Sigrun manages the lesson time so well and provides such positive feedback and instruction. I could count on this piano lesson as the time of the week where I knew my daughter would receive praise and approval with zero negativity. Even when there is much more work to do on a piece, Sigrun's teaching is always positive. As Ella moved on to more difficult pieces, this approach set the tone which really helped ease any frustration. Having watched other music instructors with my daughter and son, I know Sigrun is special and her approach to lessons is thoughtful and engaging. And, of course, Ella's skills and technique keep improving. 


It was important to me that these lessons and practice added joy to Ella's life and did not become a chore. Piano lessons have remained a favorite part of her week! We appreciated the recitals, which provided the kids with a supportive atmosphere for performing and an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments.

It means the world to us to have a role model like Sigrun in Ella's life. She demonstrates that a person can have a life and a job that are based on your passion and interests. Sigrun's lessons also taught our daughter to be independent and in charge of this aspect of her life - piano is between her and Sigrun and always has been. We are just the appreciative audience at home." -Julia N.

"Sigrun is truly incredible with young children. She tailors her teaching to give each student a “just-right” level of challenge, with heaps of encouragement and praise for the things they are doing well. Her gentle approach helps kids to grow not only in their skills but also in their love of music.” -Erin J

"My daughter is now 9 and has been taking lessons with Sigrun for a few years now and we couldn't be happier. We love that she is willing to come to our home for lessons- not having to go anywhere lowers stress for the whole family. Most of all though, I appreciate how thoroughly patient and positive she's been with my daughter, who can be very stubborn at times, especially when she was younger. Her patience has paid off and they have developed a beautiful rapport based on mutual respect and enthusiasm for music. Sigrun always inspires my daughter to do her best without any negativity and creates a calm, structured, and gentle atmosphere for the lesson.  I also like how she breaks up the lesson with a variety of activities so it's not all sitting at the piano which is especially helpful for younger kids. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found Sigrun!" -Melissa C-G. 

"To future students of Sigrun!  As Imogen’s mother I could not be happier with the quality of teaching we get from Sigrun and I know Imogen agrees!. She is a force of positive, encouraging and caring energy coupled with very professional, expert, well thought out piano technique.  She cares about her students and is dedicated to her craft and is a warm, positive force as a human being. I could not recommend her more— you're lucky if you can get a spot with her!!!"  -June B

"Sigrun has been an amazing teacher and mentor for both of my daughters.  One blossomed with suzuki structure, one needed contemporary and jazz to find her love, and both thrived thanks to Sigrun!  Sigrun was able to see the talent, and needs, in my two distinct children.  She has instilled a life-long love for music!" -Carousel B

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