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About Lessons

Lessons (45 minutes) are taught at 6007 Gateway Green, Monona, WI.

I use a variety of  books, but I always adapt to what is working best for an individual student. During the early years, I switch between learning at the piano and doing activities on the floor.

I have been developing a system for music reading that is more successful for small children, and also children with dyslexia. It uses story and imagery, with middle line notes as landmarks.

Parents are required to sit in on lessons until students are practicing independently. Students are required to practice every day or most days, for an age-appropriate amount of time. Practicing can be a slow burn, and parents will need to assist a very young child (younger than 2nd grade).

Every student gets a duet or trio partner(s).  Duets are practiced in January and performed in February for a guest teacher, who provides positive feedback and guidance.  I love duets!

Performance opportunities include a holiday recital in the Capitol in December and spring recitals in May or June.  

My studio contains a waiting area with a keyboard/headphones, math puzzles and games, building toys, and art supplies.

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